Glitter Eye: A Science and Creativity Playbook: Our Water Planet


Glitter Eye: A Fun Science and Art Activity Book” by Dr. Ushana:

A fun and colorful activity book that includes many scientific facts about nature, also contains beautiful photographs, diagrams of natural cycles, and drawings of animals and birds that depend on bodies of water like the ocean, lakes and rivers. There are plenty of empty pages that invite the child to draw and write.

A Science and Creativity Playbook: Our Water Planet” by Dr. Ushana:

This fun and interactive play/workbook invites children to explore the wonders of our natural world. The focus is on our Earth as the Water Planet. Children will be inspired to take an active part in this learning process through creative writing and visual exercises. They are encouraged to draw, paint and answer important questions relevant to the use and preservation of one of our most critical and life-supporting elements, water. In addition to letting their spontaneity flow in coloring, drawing and writing, they will delight in coloring and adding shapes to a variety of circular images called mandalas. All these activities will help develop children’s focused engagement through the variety of subject matters offered in this unique Playbook.

Size: 8” x 10”
208 pages; soft cover.